Centered on endurance for LIFE

I used to think of endurance relating only to exercise ... Training for distance races & playing sports for hours requires endurance. However the more I coach “real” people the more I see how much “real” LIFE requires endurance...  ••> SERIOUS endurance is required to wait for test with career stress...handle tension with family/friends...diagnosis we don’t see coming... a setback from a surgery etc ... All Change and transition require us to “endure.” ••>Tension is all around us because life throws surprises and bad news our way sometimes!  Our mind and heart must work on endurance to persevere the highs and lows of life! Fittingly, the more we encounter the better practice we get. We are reminded, life is a journey and we cannot control all the paths. Today is #wellnesswednesday please reach out to someone enduring some tough stuff... or reach out for help, if it’s a trying chapter. 💫🙏🏻 〰️•Endurance is all part of the ebb & flow to a healthy more #centered life. 💚🙏🏻✨



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