Centered during those storms...

The news, the chapter you’re in, the change you want to make, LIFE! In general LIFE can be full of hard stuff!! When you look around though, do not think for ONE minute that those people all around you aren’t struggling with something!! Our “social media world” of highlight reel, is NOT real world! Take peace in knowing struggles and hardships are universal!! You are strong, and you can DO THIS! Repeat that over and over.  

When life is tougher than you hoped or imagined find ways you can survive and thrive through the hardships ... 

••Secure your “anchor” people! Find the souls you can depend on and trust. The people that value and love you! These people are not everyone you call a friend, these are the friends that know your “less than perfect” side and love you without any conditions.  These dear people will keep you safe and help you survive any type of storm life throws your way! 

••Work on your mindset! Your frame of mind is a big deal! Work on it by reading, journaling or meditation! Positive books, thoughts and affirmations each day will help you cope and endure more than you may realize. 

••Breathe!! Deep breathing helps reduce anxiety and readjust your heart rate! Reset take in air!! You can make this simple habit happen anywhere/anytime!! 

••Remember you have survived and thrived from very tough situations before. (This time will be no different.) Take care of yourself. The toughest of days still only last 24 hours. One hour at a time is helpful sometimes. 

••Stay #centered. In time, you will see glimpses of light and feel some “normal” moments. You will amaze yourself once again, proving that you are stronger than you ever imagined ... Real life is hard for EVERYONE. Just keep remembering that NOTHING is impossible. Stay vertical and hold on!! Storms don’t last. They change us, they teach us, and the sun always reappears ... 💚 ✨💫💖