Centered on endurance for LIFE

I used to think of endurance relating only to exercise ... Training for distance races & playing sports for hours requires endurance. However the more I coach “real” people the more I see how much “real” LIFE requires endurance...  ••> SERIOUS endurance is required to wait for test with career stress...handle tension with family/friends...diagnosis we don’t see coming... a setback from a surgery etc ... All Change and transition require us to “endure.” ••>Tension is all around us because life throws surprises and bad news our way sometimes!  Our mind and heart must work on endurance to persevere the highs and lows of life! Fittingly, the more we encounter the better practice we get. We are reminded, life is a journey and we cannot control all the paths. Today is #wellnesswednesday please reach out to someone enduring some tough stuff... or reach out for help, if it’s a trying chapter. 💫🙏🏻 〰️•Endurance is all part of the ebb & flow to a healthy more #centered life. 💚🙏🏻✨



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Centered during those storms...

The news, the chapter you’re in, the change you want to make, LIFE! In general LIFE can be full of hard stuff!! When you look around though, do not think for ONE minute that those people all around you aren’t struggling with something!! Our “social media world” of highlight reel, is NOT real world! Take peace in knowing struggles and hardships are universal!! You are strong, and you can DO THIS! Repeat that over and over.  

When life is tougher than you hoped or imagined find ways you can survive and thrive through the hardships ... 

••Secure your “anchor” people! Find the souls you can depend on and trust. The people that value and love you! These people are not everyone you call a friend, these are the friends that know your “less than perfect” side and love you without any conditions.  These dear people will keep you safe and help you survive any type of storm life throws your way! 

••Work on your mindset! Your frame of mind is a big deal! Work on it by reading, journaling or meditation! Positive books, thoughts and affirmations each day will help you cope and endure more than you may realize. 

••Breathe!! Deep breathing helps reduce anxiety and readjust your heart rate! Reset take in air!! You can make this simple habit happen anywhere/anytime!! 

••Remember you have survived and thrived from very tough situations before. (This time will be no different.) Take care of yourself. The toughest of days still only last 24 hours. One hour at a time is helpful sometimes. 

••Stay #centered. In time, you will see glimpses of light and feel some “normal” moments. You will amaze yourself once again, proving that you are stronger than you ever imagined ... Real life is hard for EVERYONE. Just keep remembering that NOTHING is impossible. Stay vertical and hold on!! Storms don’t last. They change us, they teach us, and the sun always reappears ... 💚 ✨💫💖



#Centered Summer Plan


June 1st seems to kickoff the Summer Season! We have anticipated this day, and set sights on our great intentions...ALL the fun things we will do, HABITS we will change, and GOALS we will meet!!  >>• Sometime around July 4th we realize how quick the sunny days fly by, (😖) and our intentions for self improvement have blown by like the breeze. >• IF you really want to feel requires you DO better! 🤔~•We know changes can’t happen if we aren’t willing to CHANGE anything!!! 🤯~ I challenge you to kick off the season being HONEST and taking a few minutes to consider what IS working and what IS NOT working in your self improvement game!! 🙌🏼 ~• Hustling on auto pilot leaves little room for any real changes>>• IF you’re ready to improve your health, wellness, and make a plan, I’d love to help!! I work with people at all levels... Confidentiality is my key. Not everyone needs videos & posts on their improvement, so I focus on confidentiality!! Some clients need more FITNESS, some need more SELF CARE... BUT most need to make a PLAN with accountability!!! 💥 Together we determine WHAT is missing in your plan to feel better and live your best life!! ✨✨~•Peace of mind and planning is the real key to better health!!! ~ Don’t go another 3 months of the year running on good “intentions” and feeling like you failed! 👎🏼

🔹analyze what you want to improve

🔹make a realistic/doable strategy

🔹find a coach or accountability team

••>Here’s to SUMMER, and here’s to YOU making the decision to MAKE better things happen!! Let’s #livecentered And be deliberate with where we are headed! 👊🏼💚



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A ••Centered Life•• happens on purpose~

 ✅~ ... here’s a true story>> YOUR life goals need some time and attention *OR* you wake up one day and wonder what just happened!!??!

>>YOU are in charge. YOU need to know why you do what you do... and if that needs any adjustments to be healthy and fulfilled!!

>> Sure, there are some surprises and things you cannot control, but if you’re flying around in auto pilot be careful. If you don’t MAKE time to line up your life with your goals, you just might end up bitter and sad and full of regrets! ⚠️•~You may feel others are just lucky, and forget life is a series of tests and choices. STOP complaining and START considering your own place!! Your location, your career, your exercise and food habits! You. Have. Choices.!! We ALL have them, and we can direct some of this journey!!! CHOOSE to make your life and yourself the best you can. Don’t allow wishful thinking to run your life. Be deliberate. It comes down to asking tough questions, make plans. readjusting, reconsidering and making, at a time!! 💚


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Finding your “center” with FOOD ~

 #tuesdaytruth~•... Let’s be honest it’s January 15th and FOOD can be the toughest part!! We can survive without a workout... we can give up alcohol and other vices, but FOOD can’t disappear. Good habits and cravings and emotional eating can be the toughest cycle to change... especially after the holiday season and all the splurges and fun food favorites! Don’t quit though— change is possible and probable if you stay determined and examine your day to day!!

 ▪️Stop buying what you abuse. Salt, chocolate, cookies or chips!! If it isn’t there, it  is much harder to abuse. That doesn’t mean out of “sight” is out of “mind”... it means you are CHOOSING to keep it OUT so you can master more self discipline!! 

▪️Get a friend or coworker and experiment with some new healthier recipes/snacks. Most people are creatures of habit. We like the same 10 snacks and the same 10 meals ... with a little variety now and again. Don’t feel like you need a new idea for each day of the month!!! 

▪️Eat at home! You know what’s in your food and snacks that way. You save money!! Plus it helps you prepare healthier options for your entire family! Remember MORE whole food > less processed is a win for everyone! 

▪️Realize that healthier food really does  HELP YOU feel better...When you feel more motivated, and have more energy it’s a bonus for your self worth!! (Especially when you don’t give into that box of cookies or fast food drive through like last time!)

▪️NO ONE can do this for you!! As trainers and coaches we love to assist, educate and help create ideas, BUT ultimately you decide if you will do it, or you won’t. Hire a coach, who helps you devise and work on “your” plan to stay on task. 

▪️Challenges and programs can be fun, but they really are not permanent!! “Real life” eventually gets in the way!! It’s key to find a “way of life” for food that works for you!! 28 day “fixes” rarely fix much except that you end deprived and splurge on day #30! Detox with whole foods and water...NOT the “latest greatest cleanse” for $400. Fancy isn’t the fix!! It also isn’t about deprivation if you want this to last ... 😑

▪️Social media isn’t all TRUE... Eating cake, nachos etc and having an amazing physique is NOT reality for MOST!!! Stop following the people that tell you it’s easy... It’s NOT. You don’t have to be “perfect” but don’t expect that eating “anything” offset by a workout is the answer. 

▪️Remember what your goal is, and every choice is building or breaking your results! There’s always room for errors, and a bad decision isn’t the excuse to QUIT. It’s a •setback• ... that’s all!! Stay determined to move FORWARD, and keep looking that way! If you slow down and stay •centered• on your “why,” lifestyle changes CAN happen!! It’s really about one choice and one challenge at a time!!! You CAN do this!! I believe in you, and I can help you! Stay centered on your why. ~•L 💚  ➡️➡️


People, plans and purpose for 2019

Another 365 day journey coaching a •live centered• way of life ...As I look back, I’m reminded how much PEOPLE affect our health, wellness and state of mind!! Are you spending the majority of your time with people adding or taking from your state of wellbeing !!?

We can do many things well, but IF we don’t find supportive, encouraging, kind people, we still may NOT feel good or live healthy!!

When I took this leap to start a training business 5 years ago, I didn’t really know who would encourage me, or possibly laugh at me for taking such a leap!! ✨ (Btw, I do know now 😉) What I did know, is that I LOVED to connect with people and talk about life, goals and why we do what we do! I had a passion for fitness & health since HS, and knew I had survived disordered eating, obsessing about fitness, being overly concerned with the scale & appearance! 😑 NOT good mindset! NOT healthy, NOT well! I just looked the part!! I finally took the road to balance and true health and never had more peace with who I am!! 🙌🏼

SOooo I continue the journey to LIVE CENTERED + CONNECT with people that need a “real life” coach ~ They don’t need shame, or perfection or a “cookie cutter” plan to follow 21 -101 days... only to return to their regular patterns and ways.

They NEED accountability, encouragement and LIFESTYLE changes that LAST!! That’s IT! They help define what MUST change!! We plan for HOW! Coaching is connecting and is NOT one size for all!!

We stay #centered on being THEIR best & healthiest version!! One on one, small group or workshops, I’m SO grateful for all the people behind the “shoe” shots!! All ages and seasons, “real life” people getting stronger & more confident as they work to live balanced & better than yesterday!! 👏🏻

••>ONLY YOU can decide where you want to be... it’s a NEW year, and I can’t wait to connect & continue‼️ Here’s to the best chapter yet ... 2019! •💚•~L.



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