I met Lisa Summers  (Live Centered) June 30 2015. (At the advice of my daughter who is also a client of Lisa's) I have  not met anyone since that day that is as positive as she (no matter how much I complain while working out!) Lisa brightens my day no matter how bad the day has been! She make workouts FUN. And she truly cares about her clients' well being.

Lisa met with me to obtain my workout/weight loss history, help set goals, and set up expectations. She tailors workouts to my level and helps me meet my goals.Lisa is very knowledgeable on nutrition too and is always giving me food ideas and advice.

In August 2015 I had gallbladder removal surgery.--which was quite a setback for me. I had to stop working out for 6 weeks. Lisa not only helped ease my anxiety before the surgery with her positive attitude, but also helped me get back on track when I resumed my workouts.
In November 2015 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Then the real challenges began both with food and working out! The meds made me sick a lot, I struggled with food choices and having the energy to work out. Lisa was invaluable to me at this difficult time and still is to this day. Every day is a different challenge. I have lost over 100 pounds and over 50 inches!! LIsa has helped tremendously in this weight loss journey. LIsa has taught me it's not all about weight and working out. It also about staying centered in life and de-stressing! Even after all my accomplishments I still struggle with sugar levels at times. LIsa helps me keep on track and reach my goals.
I would recommend Lisa and Live Centered to anyone who wants to make it a goal to be a healthier and happier person!


LP 2017

My journey to live centered began the summer before my 50th birthday. I was in need of a big change in my lifestyle. I was tired all the time. My joints ache like arthritis. And I did not feel happy about how I looked or felt. I went to the doctor sure that I had a thyroid problem or something else wrong that made me feel this way and my blood work came back “fine”. Just at that time Lisa was beginning her new adventure to help people become centered and their best self. The timing was perfect. That summer I began my workouts and I slowly became aware of how good I could feel when I exercised. Every muscle hurt after my workouts but it was such an empowering feeling to know I was getting stronger. With every workout my body felt better. My joint pain slowly went away. I gained energy I had lacked and my walking game stepped up to 13k steps a day. I definitely feel a difference when I do not have my consistent workouts in. Lisa has been a wonderful encourager! She reminds you to make time for what’s important and shares little changes you can make to begin moving toward a healthier happier you. I am so thankful that God placed her in my life 3 years ago and I look forward to continuing my journey with Lisa helping me to be stronger and healthier!


BG 2017

Lisa is a wonderful personal trainer. I love the way she mixes up so many different exercises that the time just flies and I get a great workout. I really appreciate the instructional way she explains the workout because it enables me to create my own workouts during the rest of the week. She is so knowledgeable about so many areas of healthy living. Her holistic approach of including diet and lifestyle changes really makes a difference too. She has helped me with better using the My Fitness app, and with suggestions on healthier eating. I've tried different programs but this is the first time I really feel like I've made sustainable progress. Lisa is great! Can't say enough good things about her.


JJ 2017

I am accustomed to Ace training and testing which is why I entertained the idea of taking a class prior to my personal training certification. Not only was I very impressed with the training environment my instructor Lisa was phenomenal! I'm so fortunate to have an instructor who totally believes in the company she represents and fully knowledgeable concerning the discipline she is teaching. I truly feel that because of Lisa I was successful in obtaining my training certification with one attempt to pass the test. I am so excited to say that I am now among the most awesome group of trainers around!


TA 2017

Pay for wellness or pay for illness and injury were my choices last June when I contacted Lisa Summers about coaching me to better health. Having not exercised regularly in 18 years, I was grossly overweight, short of breath and rigid. Most of all, I was heartbroken because my husband and children were hiking, biking and swimming without me.
Lisa got me moving, walking just twice a day for 10 minutes. "Engage the core", she say when evaluating my walk.'' In the coming weeks, she taught me how to safely use the trendmill, stationary bike, elliptical and rowing machine, emphasizing this: Use the cardio machines that you enjoy and that are consistent with your goals and fitness level. I now do 45 minutes of cardio 3 to 4 times a week and mix it up to keep it fresh.

Lisa got me making healthier food choices. Initially, she had me record what I ate and drank, then she'd analyze the nutritional value and calorie intake of my choices and make recommendations. She emailed me recipes [try protein balls], introduced me to new foods [try Chia seed, Ezekial bread and smoothies], taught me how to order a healthy meal when eating out and how to control portion size. Today because of her guidance, I drink more water and eat more protein and fiber. Furthermore, because I eat less and move more I lose about half a pound per week and sleep better without gastric reflux. Now, like Lisa, I use an app called MyFitnessPal to record meals and snacks, paying the additional $49 per year to have the program analyze the calories, macros and nutrients of choices and tell me where I am over and under. Today I stock my kitchen with healthy food choices like nuts, seeds, oatmeal products, bean dips, fresh vegetables and fruit, and treat food more like it were medicine and fuel.

Lisa made me stronger. She taught me how to safely and productively use barbells, kettle balls, disks, dumbbells, medicine balls and cables, emphasizing good form and varying a workout to prevent boredom. She wrote me workouts and pushed me through them, timing me, correcting my position, and praising my effort. Because of her instruction, the gym feels like a toybox to me, full of things I enjoy doing. Plus, never did I get hurt for she taught me techniques and to stop when the form was going. 

Lisa and I meet weekly at the gym but is willing to meet outdoors or at a grocery store or a food service if that is where I need her coaching. $50 an hour is small compared to my gains. I am 25 pounds lighter and have lowered both my bad cholesterol and blood sugar levels [I take no prescription drugs]. Most importantly, three months after moving twice a day like Lisa recommended I walked a 5K benefitting St. Jude with my husband and children. I am getting my health back and my life.


RS 2018