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Making Friends with Food

I know the holidays can be an especially stressful time for making food/drink choices!! We want to enjoy our favorites, but not overdo it. We like to celebrate, but end up trying to “eat” our stress away !!!

I’ve teamed up with a local therapist who also works on healthy relationships with food... not just during this season!! She works with patients on food deprivation to addiction too!!

We are offering a FOOD workshop, and more to follow!!

IF you are tired of losing the battle to snacks and meals... IF you continue to base your feelings on if you did “good” or “bad” or IF you still use the word “can’t have” or diet when it comes to dining ... THESE workshops are for YOU!!

Please join us. Bring a friend, and let’s work to “fix” our relationship with food!!

Karen and I provide an environment to help you feel - safe, supported and centered on the road to better health!!! 💚

Making Friends with Food
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Centered Wellness Retreat
to Nov 6

Centered Wellness Retreat

Need a break? Time away for YOU??

Then don't miss the chance! Secure a spot at the live centered wellness weekend! 

Included in the weekend will be:


•workouts / centered circuits

•healthy food and recipes

•serene surroundings with outdoor fireplace

You take care of so many needs... Now is a great time to take care of YOU!!! Reserve your space, let's put the #livecentered lifestyle into motion, and enjoy a weekend becoming our best version 💚

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